Want to take emv chip card credit card payments right at the table? Poynt and Poynt 5 is the perfect chip card solution for:

  • Talech
  • MICROS 3700

Benefits of offering your customers the ability to checkout at the table include:

  • Seamless and secure payment acceptance! The credit card never leaves your customers hand. 
  • Increased profitability as you can move diners through a restaurant quick through increased table turns
  • Improved guest satisfaction.  Less waiting means happier customers
  • Happier employees. Taking payments at the table creates more "face time" with the customer creating an opportunity for add-on sales that increase both check and tip amount
  • Improved operations. Enabling your customers to enter tip at the time of authorization eliminates the need for end of day tip adjust
  • Reduce chargebacks. Businesses that do not upgrade their payment technology to accept EMV chip cards are putting themselves at risk of chargebacks due to credit card fraud. Major acquirers have reported that chargebacks have been on the rise since the October 2015 liability shift, with restaurants being one of the major areas affected. This is essentially a trickle-down effect: as more merchants move to EMV, fraud moves to areas that have been slower adopters. Even a small increase in chargebacks and card fraud can be potentially devastating to a small business.