Next Level Processing

Save 30% on B2B transactions. Do you accept purchasing and corporate cards? 

Interchange rates are the largest portion of processing costs.

Business, corporate and government credit cards are among the most expensive to accept

Standard credit card processing captures the date, merchant name and transaction amount.

Interchange qualification or "enhanced data programs" are offered by Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American express 

If additional data is submitted, your interchange fee or % cost is lowered by up to 30%

"Next Level Processing" requires capturing up to 20 additional data fields

Our gateway captures these fields AUTOMATICALLY!!


Card Present Payments



Apply for the merchant account that's right for your business

  • Credit Card Terminals and Pin Pads

    Virtual Terminals to key enter payments, or e-mail invoices

    Secure PCI compliant hardware and software to keep your customers information SAFE

  • Easy Website Integration

    Next day and even same day funding is available

    24/7 customer support

Payments Made Easy

Accept Purchasing and Corporate Cards And Get Paid Fast

Next day and same day funding available

Tired of paying expensive credit card fees?

Lower interchange costs by up to 30%!

Even if you have "the best rates", we can compete on price

Wholesale "interchange plus" pricing available in addition to next level processing interchange discounts

What Makes Us So Different?

Ethical Pay Pro is merchant account broker and consultant. We evaluate your situation and offer the best product on the market to you. There are a handful of processors with flagship products, and while there are certain large banks and direct processors that only sell one product, we sell many. We won't offer you a hardware or software product unless it's the best option available to you. 

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What our customers are saying…

Ethical Pay Pro has worked with a diverse clientele, from small businesses to large corporations and everything in between.

"...incredible to work with. I highly recommend this credit card processor. A+ rating"

-David Anderson (Nitroworks Marketing, Denver Colorado)

"Made my life easy!! My servers learned to use Talech faster than expected. I've used dozens of POS systems, and my servers picked it up almost immediately

Sean Ferraro (Madison Avenue Pizza, Dunedin Florida)

"Not only did I get great rates, anytime I have a question, I get a response in minutes."

-Ryan Chapman (Chiropractic Remedy, Burbank, California)

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