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Large banks typically only work with one processor. If another processor offers a better solution, you may get force fed a product you don't want or need. 

Using a payments broker like Ethical Pay Pro ensures you get a customized merchant account with hardware or software that specifically fits your businesses needs.

Credit Card Processing

A solution tailored for your business.

  • Clear and Simple pricing

    Month to month contract with clear, readable processing statements with no termination fees. We will earn your business every month with excellent service so we don't need to lock you into long term contracts.

  • Powered by NXGEN

    A registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, INC GA. That means we adhere to all Visa/Mastercard policies keeping your money safe and secure.

  • Customer Support

    We're available to guide you when you need us at a moments notice by phone, messenger or e-mail.

  • Education on Best Practices

    We'll cover the way you take payments to make sure you're not a target for fraud and help to position yourself to win any unwanted disputes or chargebacks

  • Get paid fast

    You'll get your $ in 1-2 days. We also offer special programs to fund next day and even SAME DAY! Batch out by 5am and receive your $ by 5pm same day.

  • Global Payments

    Thinking of expanding? NXGEN is the only global payments service provider with a footprint in Europe, Canada, USA and Latin America.

Ethical Pay Pro will set you up with the perfect payment processor for your business. 
This is how it works: 

In-Store Terminals

Below are a few examples of the wide variety of in-store terminals we offer.

Credit Card Terminal

The simplest, most reliable way to accept credit cards is your standard credit card terminal.

Accepts chip cards or EMV, and apple pay or NFC (near field communication)

Clover Flex

Flexibility leads to profitability. It can be used in-line, at the table, at the counter or on the go and integrates seamlessly with all other Clover Family products. Offers 3g network and Wifi. Accepts all payment types, including chip cards and applepay.


A future-proof payment terminal accepting chip cards with the ability to remote access data in real time on both android and iphone platforms at no additional monthly cost.

Point of Sale systems

We integrate with hundreds of point of sale systems. These two are at the top of our favorites list because of price, versatility, and both POS systems offer online ordering. Avoid paying 30% to UberEats or Grubhub by taking payments on your own hosted payment page provided by these point of sale systems.


  • The Clover Station
  • The Clover Flex
  • The Clover Mobile
  • The Clover GO and
  • The Clover Mobile


A fully customizable iPad based point of sale system offering: 

  • Seating Layout/Table Management
  • Table Position
  • Order management
  • Discount controls 
  • Tax controls per item and per order type
  • Guest or Kiosk mode
  • EMV ready and secure
  • Integrated gift cards
  • House accounts
  • Sync with Quickbooks
  • Employee time clock
  • Pay at the Table 
  • Guest positions and coursing
  • Custom type orders (Uber, Grub hub)
  • and much much more! 

Mobile Payments

Elavon's Converge

One secure and flexible payment gateway. Accept payment in a physical location using a mobile device, online in an ecommerce shopping experience and via mail or telephone order in a back office.

QuickBooks Invoicing

Verosa posts payments to quickbooks at a fraction of the cost.

Integrations available for all versions of quickbooks:

  • Quickbooks pro
  • Quickbooks  premier
  • Quickbooks  enterprise
  • Quickbooks  accountant
  • **QBo autoposting with Zapier**

Talech/Clover online integration

A fully integrated solution that covers all of the hosting costs, web templates, and integration support.


  • Free 15-day trial
  • Launch a Mobile-Ready Online Store
  • Market your store within one platform
  • Optimize your site for search engines
  • Manage orders, products and customers
  • Click here to get started


Already have your own online store? 

We offer payment gateways that integrate with all of the major platforms including: 

  • Wordpress/woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Clickfunnels
  • BigCommerce
  • And many more

Don't see your platform here? Check with your platform to see if they integrate with the following payment gateways: Authorize.net, NMI, or Converge. 

Still not sure? Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page with your website and we'll let you know the easiest way to start accepting payments.


Let's review your statement!

Credit card statements don't have to be a mystery. Let us review your statement and highlight any mysterious fees. We will educate you on what you're actually paying for and why. Even if we're not a fit to do business, it's worth connecting with us. You don't have to buy anything and worst case scenario you will understand your statements much better.


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