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Currently offering E-Check only

Applications for domestic and UK processing for businesses with 10k/month in processing history (business bank statements must reflect E-check or credit card processing deposits of $10,000/month)

If you're processing with Elavon, you should have received a similar letter by now. 

And although it was sent out April 1st, it is not a joke. You'll need to find a processor before May 15th.  

Thousands of CBD merchants will be looking to move their merchant accounts. 

The quickest way to get a new account is to collect ALL docs at the bottom of this page and complete the pre-application. 

The best ways to increase approval times

  • -submit all docs
  • -do not apply to the same bank more than once (underwriters don't want extra work, and may even decline an application if they receive too many applications)
  • -sign and return applications promptly
  • -make sure your website is compliant (see below)

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What our customers are saying…

Ethical Pay Pro has worked with a diverse clientele, from small businesses to large corporations and everything in between.

"...incredible to work with. I highly recommend this credit card processor. A+ rating"

-David Anderson (Nitroworks Marketing, Denver Colorado)

"Made my life easy!! My servers learned to use Talech faster than expected. I've used dozens of POS systems, and my servers picked it up almost immediately

Sean Ferraro (Madison Avenue Pizza, Dunedin Florida)

"Not only did I get great rates, anytime I have a question, I get a response in minutes."

-Ryan Chapman (Chiropractic Remedy, Burbank, California)

Required Docs:

  • Application (link below)
  • EIN Letter
  • Articles of incorporation/organization
  • Photo ID for all owners with 25% or more ownership
  • 3 months most recent business bank statements (if new, 3 months most recent personal and opening business bank statement
  • Bank account must have ample balance to be able to support requested volume
  • 3 months most recent processing statements for all accounts if currently processed or processed recently
  •  Voided business check or bank letter for deposits

Website Requirements:

  • Denote CBD products have 0.3% THC or less
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund/Return Policy
  • Show business name and contact info
  • Display pricing with currency mark
  • Secure your checkout page
  • Define Delivery methods
  • No photos of MMJ/cannabis plant

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