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About Us

My name is Jason Dollinger and I save business owners like you from getting screwed on transaction fees. I’m a big fan of sports bars and gambling, but we’ll get to that later.

Right now, let’s talk about what you’ll get if you stick around.

I save business owners like you thousands of dollars each year. How? Well, if you’re not familiar with what you’re paying for credit card processing, there’s a damn good chance you’re getting railed on transaction fees. You’re probably paying double, even triple the amount you should be.

How do I know you’re getting railed? Well, it all started right before my weekly card game…

My brother told me about a job selling merchant services. I didn’t know much about the industry, so I wasn’t interested. But something he said really stuck with me. “Most businesses are getting screwed on transaction fees.. And they don’t even know it!”.

I tried doing some research online and came across flat rate plans and thought “if everyone is offered the same 2.9%, how is everyone paying too much?”

That same night I went to play cards with some friends, many of which are business owners. I remembered what my brother said, so I asked them what they pay for transaction fees.

And they looked at me like I was an alien with seven heads.

They were clueless. Had no idea what they were paying. My favorite answer came from Jerry, a sports bar owner. He said, “Ya know, I don’t know how much my fees are. But there’s a REALLY pretty girl from the company that comes in twice per year and I really, really like her”.

Turns out – The pretty girl has him under contract. A really crappy contract.

He’s paying a monthly rental fee for card terminals. In fact, for half the cost of one month he could own the exact same terminals. Plus the cost for each card he swiped is double what is should be! Yikes.

It’s kind of like renting a TV for $800/month when you know you can go down the street and buy the same tv for $400 one time.

This blew me away. I realized there was a huge hole in the industry. 95% of business owners overpay for transaction fees. You get sucked in by fancy gimmicks, marketing, or if you’re Jerry, the pretty girls who come in 2x a year to charge you double what you should be paying.

But not anymore..

I’ve made it my job to offer fair, transparent pricing on transaction fees. No fancy gimmicks or false marketing. And if you’re looking for a pretty girl to charge you lots of money, well, I hear they have some in Vegas.

But if you’re paying 2.9% and think you have a fair deal, let’s talk. Shoot me an email at Jason@ethicalpaypro.com with the headline LETS CHAT or get on my calendar www.ethicalpaypro.as.me